Chasing The Dragon [Movie Review]

It has been quite some time since I last watched a Cantonese movie - I love the kungfu ones so whenever there are people flying, sword-fighting - I will either watch it on the silver screen or at home, streaming online.
Donnie Yen and Andy Lau
Thanks to RAM ENTERTAINMENT SDN BHD for inviting me to the premiere of Chasing The Dragon - a remake of a 1991 movie To Be Number One. It is of action crime, so still some fighting scenes there too.

The movie was set in Hong Kong in the 1960s. Ho came to Hong Kong from Mainland China with his buddies, trying to make ends meet. But jobs are scarce and at times, they join a 'fight' among gangs just to make some cash. 
They have K-Pop, we are the H-Pop!
Their luck ran out when the 'fight' among two gangs went awry and they were captured by the police force, at that time was headed by the corrupt British police officer. They were tortured in their cell. A sergeant by rank, Lee Rock came up to their rescue and sent Ho to the hospital to receive treatments and gave the bunch some money to get them on their ways. Ho vowed that he will come to Lee Rock's assistance should he need one in the future.
A wedding reception? 
Now a love triangle went wrong - so one must die.
Now who accuses me of farting in public?
Somehow, one of them was captured and tortured by a drug lord for cheating in his casino. In order to save his friend, Ho offered his services in assisting the drug lord. Ho's life changed for the better after he worked for the gang. Realising his potential, Lee Rock came to see Ho and offered to assist Ho in his operation should Lee Rock's was given some incentives.  

When corruption is the king, anything and everything is possible - friends become enemies and enemies become associates. 
Now how are we getting him out of here? He is HEAVY!
During one of the gang fights, in order to save Rock, he even sacrificed his right leg, hence becoming “Crippled Ho”. The two had since developed a close brotherly love. And Rock helped Ho to become the No.1 leader of the drug empire. 

Rock and Ho became extremely powerful and separately ruled the upper-world and the underworld of Hong Kong. However, at the same time, they checked and wrestled with each other secretly to ensure the balance of power between them. 
You wanted the cheapest mean of transport right?
A parade of men in unifroms - hehehe... naughty people!
Until 1974, the establishment of ICAC forced Rock to have a premature retirement. However, Ho did not want to quit and was determined to become the sole dictator of the drug empire.

What will happen to the brotherhood?

Plot: 4.8/ 5.0. It was intense from the start until the end - with so much brutal and gory actions through out the movie. The twist made you think of what is next and it keeps me awake until the end.

Cast: 4.9/ 5.0. I didn't watch To Be Number One but I am so taken by Donnie Yen and Andy Lau's acting that at some points, I had teary eyes. All actors did their parts justice and I applaud all of them for their commitments.

Will I watch it again: Yes, I don't mind watching it again.

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  1. I don't usually watch movies like this one but since your review is pretty good even though you haven't seen the first one, it makes me want to watch too!!

    Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  2. dah lama x tengok movie Hong Kong era2 60's ni...sure jalan citer menarik kan...

  3. Nanti nak tengok, suka filem Hong Kong. Ala dulu-dulu balik sekolah drama Hong Kong la duk layan sebelum Winter Sonata dan Autumn In My Heart tu kan. Hehehe.

  4. I wanna watch this last weekend. Unable to get good seat.

  5. Best best.. cerita ni best!

  6. This is my kid of movie. Want to watch soon! Thanks for the review. Enjoyed it.


  8. Wow 4.9 pasti best. Biasa produksi cina mmg best. Haritu pi movie rusia n cite hantu zombie thai tak best. Bila nak ajak kita tgk wayang pulak uolss?

  9. Satu ketika dulu cerita HK memang menjadi kegilaan org kita, tapi sejak dtg cite korea, ramai dah beralih arah termasuk lah sis...hehehe. Nanti nak tgok balik lah cite HK ni...errr siapa hero famous HK skrg ya?.heeeheee

  10. kurang minat genre macam ni tapi taksalah kan kalau nak cuba 😁 nanti nak try lah tengok kalau ada masa

  11. Dah lama tak tengok contonese movie. bal kalau movie bab kungfu ni memang suka. Thanks. Nanti nak download lah

  12. Baru nak download movie. Ah takut nak baca jauh" nanti ada spoiler pulak

  13. I love watching kung fu and Asian gangster movies, its quite rare now so I keep on watching the old movies. Glad there's a new one! Hope I could download this, hehehe

  14. this one looks like something not to be missed and who can resist Donnie Yen or Andy Lau... hahaha

  15. its quite interesting actually, I really like Donnie yen's movies haha

  16. Dengar cerita, ramai cakap cerita ini macam best... lama xlayan cerita cina

  17. Trailers look good for this movie but i am not into action movies much and surely my son will love them.

  18. Andy is my favourite movie star. Will watch this movie soon.

  19. I going to watch this as I am big fans of Donnie Yen.

  20. Dah lama tak layan movie. Boleh lah layan movie ni nanti.

  21. seems interesting, will try take a look soon! Thanks RG

  22. nice film.. when its will be in indonesia

  23. Another awesome movie by both famous HK Movie star! Too bad I didn't watch it, the review are really good =)

  24. Sounds like an interesting Chinese Movie! My husband Would like this Chasing the Dragon Movie, Nice review.


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