Origina Jus: The Mobile, Compact and Original Juice

Eat right
Have you ever seen people eat fruits at the gym?
That happens to me too. I have this eating/ munching habit that doesn't seem to stop - I love to eat anytime, anywhere.
Since I am now in the midst of changing my life to a healthy lifestyle by working out and watching my diet, I tend to eat/ munch on fruits more.

However, bringing fruits everywhere is a bit of a nuisance to me. I can cut them and stuff them into a lunchbox to minimize the space it took in my gym bag, but then I have to cut them first (which is again a nuisance to me hahahaha kalau dah malas, semua benda malas nak buat).

So, what do I do?
Thank God for Origina Jus that is mobile, compact and trendy!
Origina Jus
The range of products from Origina Jus
What is Origina Jus?
Origina is a newly launched juice that reflects the true taste of the natural ingredients and unique natural flavors extracted from pure juice concentrates and tea leaves. It is a product of PS Food and Beverage that is persistently focused on developing new product innovations that could improve/ enhance end-user's experience and lifestyle.

Due to its mobile, compact and trendy packaging,  Origina Jus has been my gym companion for the past week. I love the taste of the jus - it is not sweet - just the right fluid to quench my thirst for fruit after workout.

Fact: PS Food and Beverage won Entrepreneural Excellence Award at MIHAS 2016

The Origina Jus comes in Jus and Tea range and they have it in small and big packets too. I choose to have the small ones (100 ml) as I can stuff them in my bag and drink it anytime, anywhere. To have anything in travel size is very convenient!
And now, Origina Jus even have the Pinnacle Isotonic Drink too!
Makin rajin la pergi gym dan workout - agak-agak sado tak Rawlins nanti?
And not forgetting the Chocojoy Drink - a chocolate flavored milk that is fortified with Vitamin B2, B3, D3 and A. The flavored milk contains low cholesterol and is low in fat, high in calcium. Now everyone can enjoy chocolate with less guilt!
Low cholesterol Chocojoy
Chocojoy is selling at RM 2.69
Origina Jus (small packet – 100ml) RM 1, Origina Jus (big packet – RM 2.49)
Origina Jus Tea range (small packet-100ml- RM 1)

Salivating over the Chocojoy or The Origina Jus range?
They are available on Matahari Supermarket in Taman Medan and The 19 USJ City Mall and selected AEON.

More info just google the #JusUp and #MilkIsJustNotEnough.
If you need more, just head on to there links:
Website: Origina2u
Facebook: Origina2u
Instagram: OriginaMalaysia
Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Sally suka Jus Epal, sebab dia rasa sebiji macam kita makan buah Epal Fuji...manis manis pahit sikit tapi tetap sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur...pek 100ml pulak, tak puas rasanya!

  2. Wuuu I like to try this juice in convenient pack

  3. Oh, very affordable juices :) Usually the juices on the market are quite expensive. Thanks for sharing, will keep my eyes peeled for these at the supermarket :)

  4. Chocojoy juice attracts me. Wanted to try this out.

  5. I might as well bring these fruity in a pouch than bring an actual fruits in the gym. I mean if its a private gym and only me using it then I dont care. These juice packs are much convenient and safe.

  6. Ah, thanks for recommending these juices! I too hate to get my hands dirty for some healthy juice!

  7. Rasanya I akan suka yang vanilla berry and chocolate. Mana yang you paling suka?

  8. Wootz! macam best jer... i wish to try the vanilla berry.

  9. this looks good and yummy... i want to try it also...

  10. Love its compact packaging! So easy to bring around and can drink whenever we want too =D

  11. Price is reasonable and it easy to bring anywhere with us.

  12. Wow! Another new brand juice again! Now really a lot of healthy juice come out in this market

  13. Wow! Thanks for sharing a. Ew juicy product branding! Can't wait to try them soon. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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