Stay Calm and Have Fries @ Mini-Mini Cafe

What is the best partner for a fluffy and finger-licking good burger?

I have been frequenting a certain chain fast food restaurant as their fries are the best that I have tested.
Until recently.

As a part of U.S Fries & Burgers Fiesta, I visited Mini Mini Cafe to try the viral Ox Bites Burger and Roasted Chicken Burger.
Beautifully decorated Mini Mini Cafe
When I arrived at the Cafe, all my preconceived idea of the cafe diminishes. I was expecting to see a small cafe that serves people with a small saucer and cup and food on a small plate. But instead, the food was in its normal size but the deco made you feel like Alice in Wonderland - you have shrunk to the size of a rabbit!
Mad Tea Party
The manager on duty explained that the owner loves collecting miniatures  of all sorts and wants to share his hobby with the public in a very relaxed setting - thus gave birth to the idea of Mini Mini Cafe. You will see lots of miniatures at both wings of the cafe and in the central dining area, there are a huge table and huge bunnies sitting around it making you feel like you are Alice attending the mad tea party with Mad Hatter and March Hare.
Delicious and masterfully prepared
Two most sexy looking fries & burgers
A while later, I was presented with two fluffy looking burgers with its company. And I ordered my favourite coffee with caramel to go with it.

Out of my habit, I would always eat my fries before devouring anything else.
Oh my! I am positive that the US Skin-on fries here is much much (X1000 times) better than the one that I love (used to love).
What is Skin-on fries? It is fries with the skin still on. Hehehe.
And the secret to the tasty fries is that was premixed with sweet potato!
No wonder I love the taste and the crispiness of it!
Roasted Chicken Burger
Not just your typical pretty fries and burger, it is also tasty
Being me, I would always favour chicken as compared to beef, anytime. So, with a preconceived idea that the Roasted Chicken Burger would taste better than Ox Bites Burger, I sank my teeth into the fluffy and huge burger. The juiciness of the roasted chicken is successfully complemented with iceberg lettuce, pickles and cheese. The flamed grilled juicy chicken patty in home made herbs bun together with homemade relish really hit that spot. 
Ox Bites Burger
This is da' bomb!
Believing that the competition between the two burgers is over with Roasted Chicken Burger is a sure win, I sank my teeth into the Ox Bites Burger with no expectation at all. But holy cow (no pun intended), every bite seems tastier than the last one.' As per Roasted Chicken Burger  the beef patty is homemade with herbs bun accompanied with homemade relish, iceberg lettuce, onion, pickles, poached egg and everything nice.

So, which one do I favour?
I would hate to say it but the beef taste heavenly! So, for this round, Ox Bites Burger  wins over Roasted Chicken Burger with a serious tasty knock out! 

As for the fries, both are simply tasty and masterfully prepared that without realizing it, I ate the two portions of the fries on my own! 

Thanks to U.S Potato board for the opportunity to taste this small piece of heaven. 

And if you are wondering where is Mini Mini cafe, it is just a floor below GSC in Midvalley, under the escalator
Mini Mini Cafe
T-005C & T-007A,
3rd Floor, South Court,
Mid Valley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon-Sun: 10.30 am-10 pm

Haiqal Rawlins

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  1. Omg.. this cafe is so cute!! Everything miniature size. Great for small eaters too

  2. I like the concept and deside of this cafe~ I feel like want to try the fries~

  3. I've been there by myself and totally in love with it especially their Mushroom pizza. Looks like I need to hopped there for my next date when I back to KL. ^.^

    My story of Mini Mini Cafe =>

  4. i would pick the beef over the chicken anytime too! sounds really god and the concept is really cute!

  5. Hahaha~ Coincidentally my friend is the owner of this cafe. =D

  6. Walking into Alice in Wonderland~~must be an extraordinary experience to dine in such a cute environment.

  7. wow a cozy cafe n nice photo u tk !

  8. Gosh! don't know they have such place. I totally wanna check this out!

  9. Burger and fries looks nice.. I wanna try it out.. Looks yummy!

  10. Yeee YUMS I love the Fries and Burger serve at Mini Mini Cafe! The cafe looks so cawaii feel as well =D

  11. The food looks so cute. I'm sure my children will love this place too.

  12. OMG the burgers so cute! My girls love Mini mini cafe so adorable

  13. Omgosh, the burger is so cute in size...The portion of food is suitable for girl since is only high-tea .

  14. I love the concept of this cafe. Although burgers are not my all-time fave, I don't mind eating that just to enjoy the ambience of the cafe!

  15. I also always eat my fries before anything! Like them hot and crispy, not soggy.

  16. Hahaha im already planning to go there for ramadhan

  17. Looks like a very interesting concept - and the food looks pretty delish too!

  18. This cafe looks like a fairytale! I loved the fries and burger variety.

  19. hehe, i can;t keep calm while having fries.. too excited to makan :D

  20. This cafe looks so cute ~ I miss burger and fries la~

  21. Been planning to go there and check out their interior setting, so nice :)

  22. The food here looks really good. never heard about it before, but might plan a visit soon! :D

  23. This is cool, I like to have fries sometimes.


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