Preloved for Sale

Here I am trying to sell my preloved items.
1) Thule Gauntlet Case for iPhone 6/6S (Black) for RM95 (negotiable)
  • Bought on Jan 5, 2016 and by 1 February, changed to another Thule Case
  • Despite being preloved, the condition is still 10/10
  • Slim profile slides easily into and out of pockets
  • Molded texture and easygrip contours provide secure grasp when in camera or gaming mode
  • Bumper protects screen, power button and speakers from impact and scratches
  • Slip-resistant back stays put where placed
  • Material - Polycarbonate

2) Sony Wireless Speaker SRS-BTV5 (Black) for RM150 (negotiable)
  • One-touch Bluetooth pairing with NFC
  • Bluetooth audio streaming capability
  • Speakerphone function
  • Rich portable wireless sound
  • The condition is 9/10

You know how to reach me.

*Price is negotiable. Postage charges may occur should you need me to post the item to you.

Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. Wow!Never heard of Thule phone case before but the design look so cool! :DD

    btw, I've followed you on Google Plus do return in favor yeah! TQ :DD

  2. Nice phone casing! Hope you sold it out as soon as possible!

  3. Hope you can find suitable buyers. Unfortunately, I have no use for these items. Hopefully, there is another round of sale from you.

  4. A really nice cover. but i have a lot for myself as well. haha. iphone cover addict right here .

  5. nice and simple iphone casing

  6. Oh u sell ur preloved items. I used to sell my preloved items too, but not in my blog. I create an instagram account for selling preloved items

  7. Perhaps can try selling on Mudah or Lelong? Mudah has this new mobile app called imSold. Something like Carousel. Can try putting there also.

  8. Try selling it on one of those preloved places in FB or mudah.. but I like that phone cover... however I am not an iPhone user... huhuhu

  9. Nice products to sell. All look good quality. Hope they all get sold quickly.

  10. Sony Wireless Speaker, what's the size?
    The product looks unique
    What's the best price?

  11. Will help you to share around. The gadget looks like a good gadget to own! But I'm not into gadget maybe for guys will be a good choice!

  12. Sigh my handphone's cover spoilt and I am looking for a new one. Thanks for your recommendation.

  13. shared this with my friend. it's quite a good deal! will keep an eye on this space for more good deals like this. hehe

  14. I'll share this with my friends see if they interested in any of these yea! :D

  15. This looks so nice and trend, what else we can look for if getting a good deal too.

  16. good luck in your sales bro! maybe i should do something like this too.. ><"

  17. I will help to share to my friend . Hope you can sell it out.

  18. oh nice, i love the look of the speaker, so tempting la this post.

  19. I like the speaker design and the spec. Its a good one.

  20. I am looking for Bluetooth audio device. But not atm. Nak kira bajet jap hu3

  21. Thanks for the idea, I need to get rid some old stuffs too, maybe can do this way :)

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