30,000 Is Waiting For You!

30,000 For ME???

30,000 of anything VERY HUGE!
Thanks to AirAsia for the great gifts that await the lucky bloggers.
 3000 points
How to win the prices?

Simply by clicking the poster above and follow the instructions provided!
Easy breezy just like shopping online, right?
Thanks sayaiday for the sharing of this beautiful piece of the contest.

One can buy almost anything online nowadays (heck.. people even sell their kidneys and babies online too - very bad and desperate people).
People also buy anything under the sun via the online shopping portals - airplane tickets (AirAsia wins for the cheapest and the easiest transactions processes), groceries and also households.

People shop online not because they are lazy.
It is just that it is very convenient
If you are still not convinced why people shop online, here are three strong reasons why you should change your shopping behaviour 
(Why won't you? Do you living in a cave with the dinosaurs?)
More money to spend on something else
You can save more money as the prices are incredibly low. At times, you could save up to 35% when you shop online. 
That is saving on the items alone. 
Do not forget about saving on the gas, toll fees and parking fees too.
The saving could literally pay for your telephone bills for the whole year.
Just shop anywhere, anytime
I believe that almost all of us has had forgotten the items that you supposed to buy when you go for physical shopping and actually ended up buying items that are of less importance.
With online shopping, no need for going back to the mall. 
No shopping attire or make-up is required too.
Just choose and pay for the item while you are in the kitchen making the 'pisang goreng' for tea, wearing your batik or sarung only.
The items will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.
Another saving there!
More time for self and family
Time is of value nowadays.
People nowadays value their time that they would rather spend it with the family instead of doing the following:
  1. The time spent driving to the mall (if you are in KL, just remember to put aside 30 minutes - 1 hour for traffic jam)
  2. The time spent looking for a parking space (this could literally take 15 - 30 minutes)
  3. The time for walking around the mall (spending more time just to window shopping - my mum could spend up to 3 hours just for window shopping)
  4. The item for choosing the item and queueing to pay (minimum is 5 minutes)
  5. The time for paying the parking fee and then to get out of the parking area (15 - 20 minutes)
  6. The time on the road to home (another 30 minutes - 1 hour)
  7. Just be sure that you did not miss anything because you will have to start from No. 1 again.
For the gym goers, they could use the time for more weight lifting of kicking some fat in the gym. Healthier lifestyle means longer time spent with the loved ones too.

Since now all of you have changed your shopping behaviour to the time and cost-saving style ie online shopping, why don't you also be a part of the history by joining the 
Online Revolution Sale 
by Lazada Malaysia which is coming up from 
December 10 - 12, 2015! 
The best part is, the sale is up to 90%!
Click here >> Online Revolution<< 
Click on the picture below to be directly transported to the portal
Yes, you better believe it and you have better start your gear towards more saving while online-shopping!

I have been waiting for these lovely items' price to drop so that I can buy them all.

1) Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Link)
My companion
As a gym junkie (and also the fact that I am getting older), keeping fit and healthy is the lifestyle that I want. Having more time meaning, I could workout more. By having this amazing gadget, I will be able to keep my health on track!

2)  Jabra Rox Wireless Bluetooth NFC Earbuds/ Sports Earphone with Mic (Link)
To keep me entertain
Having Jabra Rox would simply mean that I will no longer run without sound. I need music to keep me motivated and the sports earphone will ensure that my running and exercise regime will not be obstructed by the long and winding earphones wires.

3) GoPro Hero4 Silver Action Camera (Link)
The perfect camera for action
Since I will be saving quite a lot (on shopping and travelling), I could spend some of the money for a holiday with friends, inside and out of the country. And the perfect camera to capture the moments, in and out of water would be GoPro Hero4!

See you during the sale.
Be there or be square!

By the way, do you know where 20,000 points can take you?
Here are some examples of the places that you choose to go (more in AirAsia BIG)

Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. ah....deadline is too near. tak sempat nak join nie :( good luck!

  2. good luck.. i baru terhegeh2 nak join..tu pun kalau sempat heheheh

  3. I still remember flying to Hong Kong with Big Card points. The points are useful and it comes handy. Good luck!

  4. Tempted to join! Ahhh i wanna win!

  5. i'm actually planning to buy the fitbit charge HR too! what a good opportunity then..

  6. wow everything looks nice. let me count my budget first, gonna hint my friends which I like.

  7. Hopefully I cam win the points and subsidise for my travelling expenses.

  8. I need to win this! But aiyo, dateline is too near. Don't think I will be able to participate in time :(

  9. Good luck! I'm gonna join this contest too :D

  10. Wow.. how awesome is that... I want to try... maybe... hehehe

  11. OMG! Awesome prizes!! I wish I know about this earlier! D:

  12. awesome prizes but too bad it's rather too late to join now.. sigh.. =/

  13. Wow wow wow! I can't wait to join now haha.


  14. ohh dear ...dateline so so near d....hope I can sempat participate and win something :)
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  15. I've been using Lazada for few times already, love their service and choices of products :)

  16. really awesome prizes they always give. hope you win the main grand prize too.

  17. yes, I wanna join the airasia big point contest for blogger!!! then I can fly anywhere!

    and the price of the wristband after the discount is really so cheap!

  18. I also love online shopping... coz yes I am lazy and yes I am an impulse buyer! Anyway, good luck to all those joining!

  19. I love online shopping so much. I spent quite a bit during 11.11 and also 12.12 recently.


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