Movember is for Men's Health

Did you spelled it wrongly?


It is Movember.

Movember is about facing the health problems faced by men all over the world and November is the month that is dedicated to the cause.
(Kindly look up Movember for further info)

What problems do men faces?
Among others are Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health.
Prostate Cancer and Coffee
Here are some of the results that Movember seeks

The annual Movember campaign - Results we seek to achieveMovember will get men to grow moustaches and the community to support them by creating an innovative, fun and engaging annual Movember campaign, that results in:
  • Funding for the Movember Foundation’s men’s health programs
  • Conversations about men’s health that lead to:
  • Awareness and understanding of the health risks men face
  • Men taking action to remain well
Prostate and Testicular Cancer - Results we seek to achieve 
  • Men living with prostate or testicular cancer have the treatment and care needed to be physically and mentally well
Mental Health - Results we seek to achieve
  • Men and boys are mentally healthy and take action to remain so
  • When men and boys experience mental health problems they take action early 
  • Men and boys with mental health problems are not discriminated against
Guys, do take care of yourself.
Be wise and do not let yourself go.

Drink coffee and ward off Prostate Cancer.

Haiqal Rawlins
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