Start Your Own Business

How do one start one's business with a capital as low as RM500?
Of course by doing it the smart way ie via the social media!

But what product can you sell with just RM500 and guaranteed a high return?
Of course by selling off fast-selling products and sought after by many.

Here are some ideas for you to start your own business, with a very minimal capital.
And this plan is very suitable for EVERYONE, including students and housewives.
Affordable and doable, even from home!

Presenting to you some of our very fast-selling products that guaranteed high returns.
1) Marine Essence Beauty Bar
Marine Essence Beauty Bar (3 bars/ box)
 2) Marine Essence Body Wash
Marine Essence Body Wash
 3) Marine Essence Shampoo
Marine Essence Shampoo
4) Mineral Coffee
Mineral Coffee
5) JTX AirTracker
JTX AirTracker
6) Bio Velocity Sleep Mate
Bio Velocity Sleep Mate
 Jom sama-sama buat #ExtraIncome bersama #GLAM.
Boleh buat duit raya !
Haiqal Rawlins
E-mail : | FB : rawlins.ichigo | IG : rawlins_glam

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