How to Save Fuel

Hello all.

How are you this fine day?
It is a new day and the first day of the week, so most of us will be having their 'Monday Blues' moment.

How's the traffic today?
Got caught in jam?
Getting caught in jam causes your vehicle to use up more fuel than ever.
Which contribute to your ultimate monthly worry - more $$ used up for fuel.
Wishing you could save more on your fuel?

Have you ever wish that your car fuel will stay full for a long time?

If you have the same feeling, I will let you know a little secret (not a secret anymore since the news came out in a local newspaper a few weeks ago).
You will not only save on fuel, but also contribute to a greener and healthier earth

Have you heard of JTX AirTracker?
This wonderful little thing managed to bag Gold Award in ITEX 2013.

A little introduction on JTX AirTracker.

JTX AirTracker transforms the air molecules into extremely smaller molecule structures which enable it to be completely and optimally used.

This in return will allow the engine to be at its best performance with smoother piston movements and thus results in fuel savings. Not forgetting cash savings too.

How do one save money via fuel saving?

Ms A uses RM20 worth of fuel daily.
After installing JTX AirTracker, she will be saving at least RM6 of fuel daily.
In 2 years, she will be saving at least RM4380 worth of fuel/ journey.

Interested in a demo?
A car with the engine running, yet the exhaust is touchable, by a little girl
A happy user
A car that has been on the road for 6 hours and yet the exhaust is still touchable
Kindly contact me ok via 012.280.1977 or my Facebook.

I have also written a few entries on the subject so kindly read on in my blog too.
Haiqal Rawlins
E-mail : | FB : rawlins.ichigo | IG : rawlins_glam

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