Sunny Gold Coast - Day 2

G'day mate!

Lets continue the #GLAMjourneys for Day 2.

Due to jet lagged and tiredness from the first day, none of us managed to catch the sunrise.

I was really looking forward to the trips that we were going to make on Day 2.
Posing in front of the entrance to Sea World
Go-pro session
After breakfast, we took off to the Sea World!

I was so eager to meet the animals and not forgetting the rides!

Upon arrival, we were given the whole-day free pass into the Sea World!
Freebies again!
The #GLAMpreneurs#HanisHaiziProtege started planning out the activities as there were rides to hop on, animals to see and shows to watch!
SpongeBob's kampung
Lazying around
First, we went to watch the Fish Detectives Sea Lion Show.
The sea lions were so adorable and intelligent!
They were the brains of show, as they were the ones that managed to captured the culprit!
The detectives at work

After that we went to the Imagine Dolphin Show.
Watching the intelligent mammals, I was so awed by the intelligent mammals that I almost cried by the magnificent creations of Allah swt.
After lunch (and what a satisfying lunch it was), we were ushered to the grand podium to watch the Jet Stunt Extreme show.
Beautiful girls started the show by dancing to a very catchy song which later accelerated to a very spectacular jet-skiing show!
The moves were out of this world and the stuntmen got the spectators jumping up and down, cheering them on for more killer moves!
Then came the moment that I have dreaded for quite some time.
I would try not get on the rides, if I could but somehow, the persuasion power of fellow #GLAMpreneurs#HanisHaiziProtege were so strong that I rode on 3 rides in the Sea World, namely Storm Coaster, Viking's Revenge Flume Ride and lastly, Jet Rescue.
Storm Coaster
Viking's Revenge Flume Ride
Jet Rescue
Please do not mind the facial reactions in all three rides!
That was exactly how I felt during the rides.

After the rides, we went back to the hotel.
Farouk and I went around, just to explore the city and its development (not forgetting the souvenir shops too).

Later that night, the company has arranged for us a grand dinner in the hotel.
Befitting the location, the #GLAMpreneurs' theme was Hawaian!
And all the #HanisHaiziProtege were rocking the look!
You could see the men donning the Hawaian floral shirt whereas the ladies were all looking stunningly beautiful in sarong and beautiful flowery hats.
Alia and I, trying out best to dress to the theme 

When CDM Cik Cida were invited to share her journey in the business, all #GLAMpreneurs#HanisHaiziProtege went wild and did a #GoyangDuyu dance.
And the hall was sporting enough to join us in the dance.

There were also games that got the hall excited as all were looking out for the prizes provided by the company.
But the best prize for the night was an iPad Mini for the lucky draw!

Don't you just love freebies?
Join us and you will experience/ receive a lot of freebies along the way too!

For further info on Sea World, just tap into this link >> Sea World

Tips :
1) Be prepared to be wet, if you are considering on taking the challenges of the rides. Bring along a small towel and a change of cloth.

2) Put on your sun-block lotion as the grand podium could become a bit extra sunny (if you are visiting during summer, like we did). Or you could opt for a stylish grand hat too!

3) There are a lot of animal encounters in the Sea World. Get hold of the map and plan your way around the park. A monorail is also around, if you happen to become tired of walking.

4) The park is also stroller/ pram- friendly. However, the stroller/ pram is not allow into the theater. Parking bays are available at all locations.

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