Iron Man 3 : My Way

Never ever let me design anything or give me the liberty to design anything!
It will become fairly "Lady Gaga-ish"

If I were to design the new Iron Man suit, these are the items that I would modify/ enhance/ install :

1) The ability to shrink or enlarge (just like Dr Pym's ability ie the arrow sign on the body) ;
2) Combined powers of Blue Beetle which enable him to shield himself and come up with weapons that only his imagination could stop him from having. Also, he could fly freely using the wings when his machine runs out of fuel ie the wings;
3) Shape-shifting ability of Beast Boy

All these enhancements will not burden him with heavy machinery/ artillery attached to him.

I think with all that qualities/ enhancement, Iron Man is ready to go and make the world a peaceful and better place to live in.

So people, be good and you will be spared.

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