The Waist Nipper Effect

Dalam business Premium Beautiful nie, saya sangat-sangat beruntung kerana memiliki Leader cum Motivator cum Counselor cum Good Friends yang senantiasa membantu saya 
Iaitu gabungan suami isteri yang meletup
CDM Hanis Haizi dam CDM Razali Zain

Sentiasa membimbing and sharing 
Kerana mereka percaya pada kuasa
Together Everyone Achieve More

Ini adalah entri yang dihasilkan oleh CDM Razali Zain berkenaan Waist Nipper, sebahagian daripada set lengkap Premium Beautiful

Memang kalau corset, no doubt it's for the ladies. Thing is, Premium Beautiful ain't one of those typical corset you have in the market. It's the BEST of the BEST. I'm talkin bout The No. 1. Numero Uno. The Alpha Male, The corset leader and pioneer.

So what's so good about this piece of cloth? Seriously? Why would anyone would wear some piece of clothing stuck to your skin for hours?!

A good answer would be?..... to look good.

A great answer would be?..... to feel good.

Thing is, it's all back to health.

Unlike food supplements/replacements/shakes/pills/juices etc. Those are all intake. PB(in short) ain't one of those. It ain't exercise. Put it to context people. It's a piece of undergarment, a cloth you wear it on your body.

Tell me, is there any other thing close to this?

Heck of course you can get a cheaper ciplak version or those rubbery-instant-solution to your flabby stomach-waists-thighs KFC looking figure. But the truth is, P.B, IS the BEST solution in it's category - period.

I really wanna compare this PB to the slimming centres out there. Mrs. Rahzz went to a slimming centre a long time ago and let me tell you that was the last time she ever did. They overcharge, they tell you all kinds of promising wonders and to some extent exxxaggerratteee... kaw kaw nak mamphos.

What's the result? A hole in my wallet for 6,000.

(Now, these are my experiences, I won't be entertaining hate comments from slimming centre lovers out there aight. You have your love, I have mine. The world is just is...).

What I'm trying to say is that, Premium Beautiful is a smarter investment. No additional/hidden costs. The Lifetime Warranty, sets you for life. What else to worry? Name one other health product that has this same offer? Go ahead... google it.

But just take max 5 mins and then get back to my story aight? So, you do find a couple other products maybe... but what differences did you notice? What key features did you find out? Whatever that may be..., list them out and divide them into pros & cons.

The Waist Nipper is one of the three pieces that makes up a Premium Beautiful set. And it's the piece that can be worn by anybody not just the ladies. If you don't already 'get it' from the name. Waist nipper is the part where you wear it at your waist and nip it. Kinda like the show 'Niptuck'.

for illustration purposes only!

So what's the special effects of wearing P.B? Guna Adobe photoshop ke ape??? :-

* 1st effect - Perut buncit transforms to Perut kempis.

* 2nd effect - Slouch/Bongkok transformasi to TEGAP.

* 3rd effect - Tidur nyenyak/lena.

* 4th effect - Buang angin/air/toksin.

* 5th effect - Kulit jadi sihat/lembut.

I really don't know how to explain the 3rd & the 5th 'syed efek' but Memang I sleep better and my skin problem gone (I used to have this irritating dry skin problem at my feet).

So there you have it people, my testimony to this superb legendary clothing that changed the game and helped millions of women rediscover their health & beauty. I wish I wrote this a lot sooner but all things happen for a reason.

There you have it guys
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