The Amazing Spiderman : The Review

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I have been waiting to watch this installment just to watch the new Spiderman aka Andrew Garfield.
And to tell you the truth, I am impressed by his acting!

He was totally committed to the nerdy nature of Peter Parker in his younger years.
The film potrays Peter Parker as his super powers evolving in high school and him trying to discover the cause of his parents disappearances. He discovers himself along the way. And his love to Gwen too.
It is a kind of funny to see the first costume that he came up with!
And to finally know that Peter actually designed and invented his own artificial wrist web-shooting device.

He discovers that his father's co-worker, Dr. Curt Connors is somehow involved in his parents' disappearances and he starts to investigate by working closely to Dr. Connors.
While Peter was working with Dr. Connors on his experiment to regenerate missing limbs, Peter's uncle were killed by a mob while trying to prevent the thief from running away. 

Devastated, Peter is set to revenge his uncle's death.
He also shared the secret  of 'decay rate algorithm" the missing piece in Dr. Connor's experiment on regenerating limbs. The experiment works but on the cause of the after-effect to Dr. Curt Connors.
He became a reptile, Lizard Man and went around town, to conquer the town and make more like himself.

My own evaluation of the film :

Storyline : Easy : 4.3/5.0
Character : Good commitment to the character : 4.6/5.0
Would I watch it again? : Yes! I recommend it!

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