Superpower I Want To Have

Nuffnang asked this question in an entry of the blog "Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Amazing Spider-Man" and to get tickets to the screening,  I have to come up with a blog post with the answer to >> If you were given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would you want to get?
I would love to have the Cheetah's superspeed, whereas I could reach 45 miles per hour within 2.5 seconds
Wouldn't it be lovely to such such power, living in the ever-congested KL?
The ability would come in very handy every time I need to be in someplace and time is running out
So, I will park my car somewhere, and off I go

I would have to let you in a little secret that I have kept for a long time
Remember Beast War and Beast Machine?
Remember Transformers?
I am actually part of the crew

This is me in my animal mode
Me in my robot mode
Me in my flying mode
Now, I bet you want to know how I look like in human form
Be ready!

Me in my human form
Now, you know my lil' secret
I have to get rid of you

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