Kecilnya nilai gaji ku...

Ials terbaca entry nie apabila Hanis Haizi letak kat FB beliau
Just nak sharing relaiti yang bakal dihadapi oleh semua dalam tempoh terdekat
I think it is safe to say, it has already begun now

Mind you, even tho' the title says Klang Valley, I think the effect is felt anywhere
And I think most people felt it but too ignorant to do something about it
People say that we have to do something out of the box to change, out of our comfort zone
But is your comfort zone truly that comfortable?
Tepuk dada, tanya selera

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Cost of living for a bachelor / single person living in the Klang Valley.Year 2007 to 2012.

Bachelor’s Degree graduate starting salary Kuala Lumpur: RM1800 -RM3500 per month.
Salary after EPF, tax, SOCSO deductions: RM1600 – RM2975
Annual increment: 3% – 15%
2nd year salary: RM1854 – RM4025
3rd year salary: RM1910 – RM4630, assuming that you receive a promotion after your 3rd year or a change of job with minimum 20% increment
4th year salary: RM2300 – RM5556
5th year salary: RM2370 – RM6400
Petrol: RM200 – RM400/month

Car loan repayment + maintenance: RM250 – RM1200/month

Toll: RM50 – RM150/month

Parking (Company will normally reimburse your parking expenses at the office building. Typical parking rates at shopping malls and public parking areas ranges from RM1 to RM10/entry/day. Some apartments charge additional monthly parking spot rentals): RM8 – RM300/month
Public Transport if no car, ignore petrol, car loan repayment, toll & parking: RM150 – RM350/month
Room rental or monthly apartment loan payment: RM400 – RM2000/month
Food including groceries: Breakfast RM4/day, Lunch RM10/day, Dinner RM10/day. RM500 – RM1000/month
Telephone / mobile phone bills: RM50 – RM250
Home internet or broadband (Streamyx, Unifi, Celcom Broadband, Maxis Broadband, P1 Wimax): RM30 – RM160
Electric / Energy bill (Tenaga Nasional Berhad, TNB): RM10 – RM150/month
Water bill (Syabas, JBA): RM5 to RM30/month

Sub-total Necessities: RM1145 – RM5670
Sewerage Bill (Indah Water): RM8/month
Cukai pintu: RM33.33/month (RM400/year)
  • Savings: RM50 – RM700 
  • Personal medical insurance (optional as company may cover, but it is good to start early as the premium is lower): RM80 – RM250
  • Cable / Satellite TV Subscription (Astro): RM40 – RM200
  • Parents: RM50 – RM1000
Sub-total additional: RM260 – RM2190
Total Monthly Expenses + Savings: RM1405 – RM7860
Expected average 3% annual increase in expenses:
2nd year: RM1450 – RM8095
3rd year:  RM1493 – RM8338
4th year: RM1538 – RM8589
5th year: RM1584 – RM8847
So, what do you think?
Mesti dah tak berapa nak comfortable kan?
Lets do something about it instead of whining about it
Make use of your time to earn 2x, 3x, 4x or hundred folds from what you are earning now
Part-time or full-time is your choice
Lets do it together
Stop Complaining, Start Doing
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