Confession of a housewife

Rasanya by now, uals mesti dah tau yang ials nie ADORE my dearest leadear Hanis Haizi

She is one tough force to be reckoned with
She is a very dedicated leader and I am SOOOOOOO thankful to be under her guidance
The right choice
The right group
Where else can you find such luxury?

Have you ever answered with these answers when you were approached by a friend that is currently doing a business?

Diambil dari Ms Google

1) Sorry, I do not have the time
I heard once that when people says this words, tell him/ her that he/ she should repent coz he/ she could predict the future and that his/ her "time" is near

Dicilok dari Ms Google

2) Sorry, I do not have many friends
Are you sure? How many friend do you have in your BB or iPhone or FB? Are you saying that you are living all alone?

3) I do not know how to approach people
(then, you normally talk to animals or buildings?)

Now, I would like to share an entry from Hanis Haizi's about her first step towards what she is now
No road is free of thorns
What doesn't kill you make you stronger, they say

As you all know I used to be a housewife. Lepas graduate, I malas nak kerja. Coz at that time I was pregnant. Dah nak dekat 7 bulan time tu, so I tot maybe i just relax je kat rumah. plus memang confirm la x de org nak hire pregnant women kan. I really enjoy my first pregnancy. Boleh bangun tido sesuka atii akuu..

Then tup tup... hariz pun selamat dilahirkan. Becoming a mother is not easy. Tambah2 si hariz at that time x nak tido malam!! Oh noo... macam mana nak masuk kerja kalau macam ni? Plus i'm fully Breastfeed him.. so i tot maybe i could give myself a break for 6 months maybe?? hubby agreed.

Duk rumah, is the bestest thing ever! Yes! you boleh bangun sukati pukul berapa u nak, pakai baju tido pagi petang siang malam. No one bother. I enjoy staying at home walaupun gaji i at that time 3 angka sajork. uhukkk

dulu pekerjaan suri rumah ku ini dipandang hina

as time goes by, hariz dah masuk 7-8-9 bulan.. Hubby tanya bila u nak kerja? Now i dah memang takde mood langsung nak kerja. Kepala hotak aku dah mula berkarat. And term2 engineering pun sudah ku lupakan. Oh no. Macam mana nak masuk kerja ni??

And the next thing i know.. hariz is already 1 years old.. Me? Still stuck at home with no progress. Except jadi mak. The truth is I MEMANG MALAS NAK KERJA. I malas nak bangun awal2 pagi, redah jam. I don't like to work for people. I malas nak buat benda yang sama tiap2 hari.It is just not me.

In fact I lagi suka belajar dari kerja. I told my hubby i nak sambung my master. Dia ok jer. Seach punya search i nak belajar kat Finland. Nape finland, sebab FREE!! yes all scandinavian countries semuanya free for education. ngeheee

And one day, i tengah scroll2 my FB.. or Friendster kot. I tengok my friends.. Uniten or TIKL semuanya ada PROGRESS. some of them engineers.. lecturers.. or sambung masters kat overseas ade yg tengah buat phD pun! Bukan perasaan hasad dengki ok. PHD. At the age of what 25?!! Akuu???????? dimanakah aku berada? Oh noooo!!!!!! goshhh i felt soo down n down down berhari2.. aku nanges. Meratapi nasib. Salah siapa? No one!! I have no income (ade la takat nuffnang punya haha), no house, no car, no job NADA!!!

And then i pray so hard every day mintak Allah bukakkan pintu rezeki. I want my life back. I nak jadi somebody yang boleh dibanggakan. Tak kesah la dalam apa2.. bidang..

Then one fine day... a friend of mine sms me

Babe ko nak tak buat side income RM3000 sebulan

Dalam hati : wwoooo RM3000 is what i need! Since aku malas kerja. RM3000 pun jadik lah.

I terus sign up and no turning back.

Fast forward TWO years plus... later...........

dari RM3000 (my first pay)

First bonus jadi CDM!

combine hubby and wifey income..:)

dengan car fund for the WHOLE LLIFE, Wawasan bonus (bila ade 6 leg bergerak), Traveling foc tak yah cakap lah.. and many more!
My first Beemer 3 Series

My latest Beemer F10

Here I am Today.

with my group now expanding syukur partners ALL OVER MALAYSIA, infact berada di Aussie, Brunei, Singapore and UK! 


Alhamdullilah! I'm so blessed with my life. I think ada hikmah kenapa i tak kerja dulu... otherwise I takkan jumpa this wonderful bizz! My life has change 360 degree! Not only I changed, but those yang bersama-sama hanis dari awal sehingga kini pun sama2 turut berubah! Syukur!!

With the right determination and guidance you will be succeed!!! Yeahh I believe that!!

A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done.InsyaAllah!

Masa akan menentukan segalanya!! Gunakan masa sebaik-baik mungkin else dia akan terbuang dan berlalu macam tu je!

So, how are you guys feeling after reading her entry?


Can't wait to turn you life around?

Can't wait to start the followings :

1) providing for others?
2) paying all your debts?
3) have more time for yourself and your family?
4) start saving?
5) buying a better home (not house)?
If you have any of the above, you know what to do
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