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7:30 AM

When I am out on a date or meeting clients, I always come prepared.
My shirts and pants pressed.
My presentation pack ready.
My shoes shined and the socks are clean too.
The breath mint is ready.
The perfume? Always have them on.
But when you have 10 appointments back to back and in different locations of the city, moving around will leave its mark on the odour.
DASHING, DASHING Anytime EDT, Wipro Unza Malaysia, Men's fragrance, Rawlins GLAM,
"A good luck must be complemented with good smell," says Mr. Venkat Jangam, Marketing Manager of Wipro Unza Malaysia. "You can be dressed in the latest fashion from head to toe but oftentimes, it is the body odour that will be the 'killer factor' to making and maintaining a good impression. That is why it is important for a man, regardless of profession and status, to have pleasant body smell all the time, throughout the day."

I totally agree with Mr. Jangam's statement there. At times, I wish I can bring the miniatures anywhere but how many times can a guy buy miniatures? And the size of miniatures could raise eyebrows at times too - poking through your pants' pocket.

So, when I heard that Dashing came up with pocket-size EDT perfume, I am thankful. Not only Dashing came up with sleek designs and colours, it has four variants to suit the occasion and personality too. It is call DASHING Anytime EDT.

1) Cool
The olfactory embodiment of a contemporary man who is nonchalant loves to hang around with friends and takes life easy. This masculine fragrance defines your identity and magnetism. A cool fresh scent topped with a captivating blend of bergamot and galbanum whilst accented with powdery amber and musk as the base note.  This scent is designed to exude the cool masculine charm within you.
DASHING, DASHING Anytime EDT, Wipro Unza Malaysia, Men's fragrance, Rawlins GLAM,
A great assistance when I'm out on a date
2) Active
Dedicated to the rugged men on the go who are passionate about life in the outdoors. Be confident and active with its incredible masculine fragrance. Topped with modern fougére nuances combined with a bright citrus top note, lavender, muguet heart and a novel amber background. This scent is bound to keep you active on your toes.
DASHING, DASHING Anytime EDT, Wipro Unza Malaysia, Men's fragrance, Rawlins GLAM,
For that active lifestyle
3) Ultimate Kick
A scent made for champions, Ultimate Kick brings out the suave side in every facade of a modern man’s daily life. The Ultimate Kick features summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom supported by vanilla and a musky base.
DASHING, DASHING Anytime EDT, Wipro Unza Malaysia, Men's fragrance, Rawlins GLAM,
A great smell in the office
4) Hattrick
A winning strike for every DASHINGman, Hattrick’s enigmatic fragrance ignites one’s love for winning goals. Hattrick exudes the unique combination of apple and citrusy freshness, infused with floral notes and a hint of amber.
Be ready in any situation

Retailing at RM7.00, DASHING Anytime EDT is available at major supermarkets. hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

What is your smell?

Rawlins GLAM

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24 GLAM People

  1. Agree with you...... Convenient & practical, this is Dashing Anytime EDT! Mine is Ultimate Kick

  2. Great product for man with affordable price.


  3. wah....memang sesuai untuk lelaki kan....segak bergaya dan cool bonus pulak wangi sepanjang hari...good job dashing

  4. wow, i thought it were pricey but its very affordable price and came with variety of smell :)

  5. SA suka bau yg pocket perfume ni yg warna hitam..warna lain cik abg i x suka..xde bau jantan pun katanya..ntah hape2 ntah...ok je pun semua bau kan..

  6. Comel je bekas perfume dia hahaha sesuai dibawa kemana-mana.

  7. Utk pompuan tak ada ke cam gini?
    hehehe. Jeles tgok ramai yg dok pakai so teringin gak nak pakai..:)

  8. walaupun utk lelaki tp qaseh pakai yang hattrick tu haha sebab bau dia lembih lembut dr yang lain

  9. Very affordable and easy to carry for men like you ya...

  10. My hubby is a big fan of dashing and he has the pocket deodorant too.

  11. Suka intro setiap penulisan you. Scent mana yang paling you suka? Adakah Dashing Cool? :)

  12. woho!!! Dashing is my fav perfume when I was in early 20s.

  13. Wow this is cool! I'm so gonna get this for my hubby cause at the end of the day it's good to smell good kan?

  14. wow RM7 only??? Yes same here, appointment whole day, so this will be helpful especially if is long lasting! can't wait to go test them all in the mall! :D


  15. Great product with an affordable price.. love the unique design and the smell as well.. perfect for all occasions :):)

  16. Product baru eh. Selalu nampak orang promote lately

  17. Omg look so stylish gila ....serious ah. Cam selalu nampak people talk about this lately

  18. Good to smell nice. Price is cheap.

  19. Sesuai sangat dengan u oll yang lasak dan juga banyak aktiviti luar ni bagus nak bawa keman-mana wangi jer..

  20. Sama la kita, pakai yang ini juga... mudah dibawa kemana-mana...

  21. Sedap baunya, sampai ada orang tanya pakai perfume apa..

  22. This is very compact and easy to carry in the pocket, esp guy don't have handbag just can slip into the pocket.


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