iPhone - Why oh Why?

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I heard it somewhere (or did I make it up, am also not sure now) "Once you are in the world of Apple products, you will never be able to completely get out of it".
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That is so true.
I started using Apple products with iPhone 4 until iPhone 5. In between, I bought an iMac and iPads. 

Then I switched to another brand due to the skyrocketing price of the amazing phone. But as I mentioned earlier, I keep on seeing the munched fruit sign in my dreams. Which made me bought my iPhone 6s Plus and currently I am engaged to iPhone 7 Plus.

And as the whole world know, Apple is launching iPhone 8 and iPhone X!
Why oh why such cruelness?
crying blood when checking my bank account

Enjoy the beautiful videos of these two amazing gadgets.

iPhone 8

iPhone X

Anybody wants to buy my kidney, either side is on sale. Huhu

What's the difference between 8 and X you asked?
Rawlins GLAM

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20 GLAM People

  1. Hahahahaha. Akak yg nak beli iPhone dr dulu selalu skip sebab cepat betul keluar keluaran baru dan model lama tak turun harga dan model baru lg hebat dan kameranya hebat. Akak lg dilemma dari Rawlins. Sebab akak tunggu je waktu sesuai utk beli. Tapi kali ni lg jahat. Keluar serentak. Sampai tak boleh buat keputusan. Hahaha

  2. Iphone X tu memang nampak exclusive . hati ni sabar je tengok. hahahaha

  3. Iphone is really a good phone. Once u go Iphone, you can never go back. Still the price for the new iPhone so insane.

  4. Ya kinda doesn't make sense releasing two phones in such a duration. Now most will skip the 8 for X.

  5. Gosh! spoil with choices. Iphone lover sure scratch head now! kekekek

  6. Why u kenapa kerana harga yang terlalu mahal ker standard lah tu sebab ia terbaik.. Nasib I Andriod user ehhhh..

  7. It;s really not true and I am speaking from personal experience as an owner of original iPhone. I really don't see such a big deal about the phone and have been happily using Android phones since then.

  8. Fuhhhhh menangis bila convert. Ayuh la jual kidney T.T mohon client bayar cecepat hutang hahaha

  9. 4k++ wei IP X. Mampu mengalirkan air mata je tengok..

  10. So true! once you get involved with Iphone, you can never stop using it.

  11. I want that iphone x but the price is tooooooo much. hahaha better buy imac or macbook with that money. hahaha

  12. i nak jugak iphone x ni hehehe....tapi mahal la...

  13. You make me tempting to try out the I phone. But I will skip. It to expensive lol

  14. This is hot topic been debate. But the price too expensive de.

  15. iPhone always good one but the price seems too pricey... - racheal

  16. iPhone always good one but the price seems too pricey... - racheal

  17. iPhone 8 is good but iPhone X is better in paper specs. However, many are hesistant with iPhone X with its new Face ID and missing the fingerprint sensor.

  18. So pretty especially the pink one. But the price :( Haha

  19. Wow, have face recognition to unlock phone. Love this but don't have budget to buy.

  20. I want to buy iPhone X but the price.... =(


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