To Rid Of Acne

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My worst enemy
I am not blessed with good skin and complexion.
And it has been the main problem of mine since my puberty years until recent years.

Acne seems to stay forever on my face and it makes me doubtful of my whole appearance. I was never a social butterfly growing up due to the problematic skin. And yes, depending on its severity, acne can cause emotional distress and scar the skin. The earlier you start treatment, the lower your risk of lasting physical and emotional damage.

Here are some of the sneakiest causes of acne that we are not aware of [92 Sneaky Causes of Acne]

I have tried almost everything, including putting on toothpaste and garlic on the acne, up to scrubbing my face with my underwear while bathing.
Marine Essence Beauty Bar
How I wish I was introduced to Marine Essence Beauty Bar earlier.
Not only it manages to lighten the scars, it also keeps the acne away.
I use the bar as my facial and body soap and alhamdulilah, my skin problem is a history now.

Here are some testimonies from my friends who have also been using Marine Essence Beauty Bar.
Kurangkan ruam
Jerawat lambat tumbuh dan cepat surut
My own testimony?
A few years back, my skin was so problematic and my skin was darkened due to some medication.

After using the bar and consuming Garam Buluh Premier Drink, my skin complexion gets better and I have not turned back since.
After Marine Essence Beauty Bar and Garam Buluh Premier Drink
How so?
Here is the ingredient of Marine Essence Beauty Bar.
And I drink Garam Buluh Premier Drink to replenish the required minerals to enhance the skin.
Need some info on the Garam Buluh Premier Drink?
Read on (More Salt For Health)

Wanna give it a try?
Give me a call ok.

Haiqal Rawlins
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32 GLAM People

  1. i use to use soap for my face during early of 20's . i had tring bamboo salt ,with another brand . your sharing i shall keep for future reference .

    1. Good products always come from the natural resources

  2. I need to get rid of my acne too. Will try to use Marine Essence Beauty Bar now.

    1. Use it on your children too, it is good for eczema also

  3. Looks pretty convincing. But do they solve problems for pigmented skins too?

    1. It could help with pigmentation if used for some time.

  4. Acne is a headache to me too! D: It's so freaking hard to get rid of them! i wonder if this will dry up skin too as i have combination skin type.

  5. Looks pretty good. Luckily i don't have that much acne, I am more concerned about my pigmentation haha.

  6. I seldom use soap bar...but cam recommend to friends who have acne issues

  7. worth a try... I have a sample somewhere so should try using it... LOL

  8. Wow your skin looks so nice after using it!

  9. Acne sometime will left your face with scar if did not treat in proper way. Thank you for sharing and at least I know this soap is workable.

  10. You really are different after you use this soap? My face still have scar abit..since sometimes get pimples T.T

    1. Thank God for the soap and the supplement drink.

  11. WOW. the amount of differences from the before and after. looks really good for the skin.

    1. Yes it does. That is why I am promoting the soap.

  12. Picture tells a thousand word and your face can be seen shining after the application. Sadly, I am too old for acne. Thanks for info.


  13. I have not use soap for cleansing for a while but I know that glycerin soap is not drying. Looks like this soap works on your acne skin, can recommend to my friends who has acne.

  14. are you kidding me? the before and after so drastic change bro.

    thanks for sharing about this product, shall read up more on it.

  15. I hate acne, will try any method to get rid of it >.<


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