I want to travel the world

Lets be a global citizen
Who doesn't have the dream of travelling the world is losing one of life's offer.

I have been dreaming of travelling the world since I was small and alhamdullilah, I have visited a few countries around the world - student tour, company trip, holiday and free trip. All provides me with different experiences but the best is when I was travelling for FREE (refer Free Trip to Korea & Free Trip To Australia)

Recently (a few years back), I have been travelling quite a bit due to work and have not been able to write a lot in my dearest blog.

I will share with you the experience of travelling abroad in a bit, after I successfully sorting out the pictures.

Haiqal Rawlins
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  1. mengembaralah wahai anak muda.petika kata kata tan sri johan jaafar


Thanks for the GLAM write-ups