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What is this? It's a menu! A GLAM one too!
The table settings are great too!

GLAM NIGHT memang meletups!
Bertempat di Westin pada 24 November 2012 jam 8 malam, satu lagi sejarah tercipta di dalam GLAM Book of Records

GLAM NIGHT for the first time ever!

Melangkah masuk ke dewan, ials terpegun
The decoration of the hall was just superb!
Everything just screams GLAM and SUPERB
From the balloons sampai ke cookies dia, memang sesuai tema
Cantik kan dia nyer decoration? Thanks to Hanis Haizi and Razali Zain

Nie plak some of the moments yang ials dapat capture
The night went on as BEAUTIFUL and GLAMorous as anyone could imagine

Me and Hanis, the Kodak Moment! Dress by Dato' Radwzuan Radziwil, 45 wing panels 

Captures the GLAM moment

Jangan ingat GRAMMY, EMMY atau ACADEMY awards je yang ada after-party
This is one the AFTER-PARTY yang uols should not miss next year!
Tu, tak tengok lagi the dresses!
The dresses boleh menyebabkan uals PITAM, BANGUNPITAM, BANGUN semula (semua beli ye, bukan sponsor)
Razali Zain with his special moves, even the pregnant Adibah joined in

The glowing and shining dress of Salha's is very beautiful
Sempat ambil gambar Naa Kamaruddin dari tepi je, delicately sewn leaves on the dress is SUPERB
Pastu bila tanyakan harga dress memasing, kejadian PITAM, BANGUN berulang semula
Tanya designer, akan keluar la nama Dato' Radzuan Radziwil, Ezuwan Ismail and lots more

So, before uols pengsan lagi, better ials letak je pic of GLAMorous event for you to enjoy
So GLAMorous kan?
Some of the table-mates malam tu, all are amazingly GLAMorous too
Lily and husband, Lily looks macam Yuna kan?
Itu baru sedikit penangan GLAM
Banyak lagi facts about GLAM yang we love to share with uols
Not only we know how to WORK SMART, we also play SMART and GLAM too

Wanna know the secrets in becoming GLAMorous?

No biggie

Ada lucky draw lagi!
Just be part of the GLAM group 

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