What I Want in Paris and London

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The next FOC, 5-star treatment trip yang dirancang adalah to

8 hari 6 malam uals
The longest period trip ever!

Jum kita tinjau-tinjau apa nak buat and tengok kat Paris and London

The Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
London Bridge, hopefully it will not be falling down
London Eye
Arc De Triomphe
Lourve Museum
Sebab suka tengok citer Moulin Rouge, harap2 dapat pergi
To live out my childhood fantasy in Disneyland!
Of course, not forgetting the tower! Hope I will have pictures taken on the tower itself
Not forgetting the burning desire to visit this unique store *hopefully will get one too*
J'adore Paris

Uals nak join tak?
Meh la kita sesama amik gambar, shopping kat sana

Kita buat sama-sama, enjoy sama-sama
Guided with fearless and wise leader, you will not go wrong
Lets get together and secure our place in the trip
Together Everyone Achieve More

You know what to do
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