Quotes of My Life

9:50 AM

These are some of life motto/quotes that I would love to share with all of you, my dear friends coz it explains a lot about me. How I see my life, my friends, my family and also how I treat those who doesn't like me. In your face!
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life quotes at

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life quotes at
life quotes at
life quotes at
Whoa! That is quite something eh?
So...manage to figure me out?
Hahahah...probably not!
So, until you have read all of my books, never judge me!
Love y'all.

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2 GLAM People

  1. Melayan betul lagu haley dalam blog ko ni.1st time dengar ni.Dah sangkut.

  2. StingRay : Sangkut sebab best kan lirik die...Layanzzz!


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