Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party Brings Out The Best, and here's why

I know that pulling off any event and make it successful could be a stressful chore. And to have to be able to pull it off every single year is a multitude of greatness too.

As the Mamasan of all magical beings has said 'it takes a village' to have been to pull it off every single time, Ms Tammy Lim and her team managed to bring crème de la crème to the party. I know for a fact that I would have had so many stress ulcers in my mouth if I were in Tammy's place - to plan the party, to get sponsors to partake, to get participation and many more aspects to think of to hold such a huge event. 

Salute to Mamasan Tammy Lim and her team!

After having had the privilege to attend a few events held by Ms Tammy Lim, I could conclude that these are the recipes that Mamasan has been using to ensure that all her events a huge success, especially the current 6th Birthday Celebration for the Butterfly Project.

1) Have a grandeur theme 

Attending a themed party is always an excuse for me to make up and dress up. Heck! I just try to find any excuse to dress up and makeup hahaha. This year's theme is Floral Garden so I chose to attend the event as the Royal Peacock God (I just made that up hahaha). Thanks to my friends who gave me the idea and dressed me up. I also have to thank my entourage (Jae, Anggerek and Faisal) for assisting me in dressing up, driving me to the party venue and picking me up again once the event ended.
As usual, the Butterflies are such sporting crowd as every single magical being turned up as beautiful as a blooming flower in a vast carefully tended garden. Imagine every single soul of 100 butterflies arriving in their most glorified Floral theme outfit. 

2) Lavish decoration everywhere

First, I have to applaud the team for the choice of the venue. Vilej Damansara is the best party hall to hold an event - with such vast space and high ceiling, one could literally put up any decoration, no matter how tall and huge it would be. 
Kudos to the decoration team and sponsors (The Blossom Balloons for the beautiful balloons and Avant Garde Blooms for the amazing flower arrangements on the table) for bringing in the garden into the hall and making it magical and very insta-worthy! We as the magical beings of the Butterfly Project certainly felt at home with all these decorations.

3) Prepare a feast for magical beings

It is always a question that most people a hesitant to answer 'where or what to eat' right? 

And when it involves magical creatures descending from wherever they are to Earth to attend the 6th Butterfly Project Birthday party, JomParty had it right!
Look at all the spread of the grand feast that JomParty had prepared. It was a mix of fine dining and comfort food at its best and nobody was complaining. The feast was abundance and I like the fact that Lydia (owner of JomParty) and her staff were so fast in replenishing the food (we magical creatures eat a lot and fast).

4) Roll out engaging activities

Have you ever attended an event where the activities were near non-existent or almost put everyone to sleep?

That is one thing that will not be happening during an event with the Butterfly Project. The members were chatty much that at some points, the amazing and beloved all-time emcee, Leonard Dee have to force everyone to settle down and divert their attention to his announcements. 
The crowd were pleasantly engaged during the party when the Comedy Queen of Malaysia, Ms Joanne Kam shared her anecdotes about Malaysians and their antics. Everybody was laughing like nobody business at her jokes - she certainly carries her title well.
Befitting the theme of Floral Garden, Avant Garde Blooms transformed the hall into a magical garden. And then we were given the freedom to pick the blooms of our choice and craft it into our floral crown. With some guidance from Avant Garde Blooms staff, everybody was royalty with their own crown.

5) Bearing gifts

No one ever leaves empty-handed from the Butterfly Project's events. EVER.
This time around, everyone was showered with gifts - luxurious ones too. Be it on the chair or the table - the gifts are everywhere. Thanks to the amazing gift bearers [Yves Rocher, Macarons by MadeleineJomPartyAvant Garde BloomsThe Blossom BalloonsT-Sticks Malaysia & Butterfly Project].

The magical beings were pleased with the offerings. Haha.
And such were the recipes for the success of event management carried out by Mamasan Tammy Lim and her entourage of hardworking assistants as per concluded by my power of deduction. 


Happy 6th Birthday to the most magical, adventurous and beautiful mythical and mystical beings of the Butterfly Project.

For many more years to come. 

Rawlins GLAM 

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  1. Sucha wonderful celebration... happy birthday to butterfly project.. it's an amazing journey blogging with butterflies!

  2. Wow! Gojesnya! Kebabom wownya Rawlins! Happy birthday to butterfly project! Seronok tgk semua dok melaram je dkt sana. Hehehe menarik betul!

  3. OMG!!! you look gorgeous rawlins. You memang pandai make over dan hias diri sampai hebat macam tu ye. and also Happy Birthday to Butterfly Project. next project ajak zul sekali ye. nak ikut jejak langkap Idola Rawlins

  4. Hi Burung Merak dari kayangan.😂 You punya outfit memang da Bom! No one can beat you when come to creativity and daringness. I enjoy this party well compre to others.

  5. awak kalau pergi event ni memng lain daripada yang lain..hehee..suak tau tengok awak pakai baju macam-macam rupa..meriah tengok party ni..bilalah dpt join

  6. Wow... Meletop gitu..tiba2 jer dah bertukar rupa klu l jpa you pakai mcm ni mmg tak kenal

  7. Ya ampun Rawlins! Serius kita suka tengok. Meletop habis. Dengan bulu mata dia, kepak kepok² tu... Awesome beb! Teringat zaman annual dinner masa keje dulu, kita pun suka follow theme hingga tahap outstanding. Sekali sekala ni laaa masa nak go out of the box kannnn? Cayalah Rawlin!

  8. Bestnya Rawlins you dapat join Party Althea. Nampak meriah dengan makanan tau. Meletop letop mekap dan pakaian masing masing. Sesekali join party Althea memang happening

  9. Wow lain dari yg lain your outfit for that event. I'm amazed with your confident. Kudos for that. The party looks so beautiful.

  10. I love your effort rawlins. Mahal sangat harga usaha tu. Btw mmg party butterfly tak pernah mengecewakan. Best segala aspek

  11. colorful and wonderful ! semua pun gojes-gojes belaka, cantik sangat tau. Bestnya dapat join Butterfly party ni kan

  12. Wah memang best semua event Butterfly. I love the setup so so intstagramble and pretty plus the goodies pun awesome kan.

  13. Wow! You looks fantastic! Really a magical party for all! Have fun! Cheers!

  14. I seriously need you in all events la Rawlins! You really bring out the live in parties... And it's so true with your pointers for those yang tak jadi lagi a butterfly seriously is losing out in life... Hahaah

  15. Serius wawa jeles tgk yg dpt pergi ke party TBP ni.. Teringin nak pergi tp jauh sgtlah... Rasa seronok bila dpt gathering2 cmni.. Pastu decoration tak pernah failed!

  16. Baru nampak post ni dengan gambar saya >w< saya shy shy la HAHHAH


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