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It is the month of October, the month of the ghoul (according to our friends in the across the seas) and the month of Halloween celebration.
Malicious, Horror Movie, Halloween, GSC Cinema, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins,
As for us in Malaysia, it is the month for horror movies (here are the list)
So, when I received the invitations from Neyra and Rane for the movie Malicious, I was ever eager to accept them because I love to get spooked every now and then.

The movie starts with a husband killing his wife by saying 'What I should have done a long time ago' by banging her head with a fireplace poker.
Malicious Trivia
  • Directed by: Michael Winnick
  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Budget: $3,500,000
Then the movie shifts into a couple of happy-to-be parents driving up to their new home. When they enter the house, a home warming gift from her sister awaits them. 

The husband, Adam tries to open the gift, an antique box but it won't open. They just leave the box on the fireplace mantel and goes around the house, checking out the entire house. 
Malicious, Horror Movie, Halloween, GSC Cinema, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins,
I wonder if I could fit into the crib
Malicious, Horror Movie, Halloween, GSC Cinema, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins,
Why is the lighting here sucks? It seems that a house with very bad lighting prone to have its own hauntings
After settling in, the next day, Adam goes to his teaching university leaving Lisa, the expecting wife behind, but not before reminding her not to run and to not do any heavy lifting, especially setting up the baby crib. Ignoring Adam's advise, Lisa goes on and set up the crib before she suddenly sees the antique box in the nursery. Her curiosity gets to her and to her astonishment, the box opens.

During her run, she met a distressed and blood-covered woman who told her that she is not well. Spooked by that experience, she called Adam to share the incident.

Meanwhile, Adam got a visit from the head of his department, Dr. Clark who not only teaches Math but also a study of the spiritual (can't remember the term). Adam laughs when he learns that Dr Clark believes in such matters because to him, life is just like Math, logical and nothing more.
Malicious, Horror Movie, Halloween, GSC Cinema, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins,
Did you not get the memo about dressing up for dinner? 
Then suddenly, the lives of the to-be parents start to get weird and eerie. They heard voices, see people and come to a point, touched by people who are not around them. 

What or who is messing with their lives?
How will they deal with it?

Plot: 3.0/ 5.0. I have to give credit where its due. The movie has a twist about the ghost where it latches on the hopes of the young parents - their instinct to protect their youngs. Was I spooked? Not really as the ghosts have a very little appearance in the movie (almost like a second thought). And when they mentioned the box as an Aztec relics, I was actually expecting a more aged and a bit rustic box, but the box was very new. Perhaps because the previous owners took very good care of the box, throughout the centuries. Hahaha.

Cast: 3.4/ 5.0. Just ok to me. Nothing worth getting awed over. 

Will I watch it again: No. The movie is suitable for those who want to get scared, just a tiny bit. 

All pictures are taken from Google. Thank you.

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  1. Harus tonton la movie ni. Sempena Halloween lah ni kan?. Scary je nampak muka hantu2 tu terutamanya yang berambut putih tu. Eiiiii.....

  2. aduimak kak lily takutlah citer hantu cam ni,seram nak tengok. tapi macam best plak bila baca sinopsis

  3. Oh woww looks like I kinda have a bit high expectation upon this movie’s plot or so, haha yet thanks a lot for the review Rawlins! I thought it’ll be super scary since yeah - expectant mom, ghost and whatnot - all of that kinda build my own plot and expectations of the movie beforehand yet after reading this, well, definitely good to know! 😆

  4. Setuju ngan kau. Bagi aku movie ni so so je. takde la seram tahap tinggi sangat. Aku tertidur weh masa tengah movie ni..hahaha

  5. Rawlins...kenapa la kamu suka tgok citer seram..akak memang la tak tengok..menakutkan...dah la akak ni memang penakut

  6. Heheh cerita ni best jugak la berbanding cerita the Nun tu. Atleast filem ni ada part yang terkejut cuma utk penonton yang tak penakut cam kak min, memang mau kan yang lebih lagi la heheh

  7. Mouse mommy really do not dare to watch horror movie. Later I will get nightmare for quite sometime. Hope you have a great movie with your friends!

  8. so scary.. i cannot watch scary movie leh wei.. oh gosh! hope u enjoy the show anyhow.. hmmm... story line looks great but just i'm too timid to watch..

  9. October & scary movies huh...
    Me & family suka tonton citer antu. This kind of movie memang one of it lah. Anak2 takot but they want to watch tau ha ha...
    Aida da screenshot. Mau carik ini movie later...

  10. macam tak tahu je kewujudan filem ni. kurang promosi dan pelakon pun tak dikenali sangat.. tapi kalau tenok pada sinopsis nampak menarik

  11. Rajin yer awak pergi tengok movie-movie horror camni.. Based on review, cerita ni macam so-so jer kan.. Tak rasa nak tengok pun, dan ramai gak komen cerita hantu omputih ni mmg tak takut sangat

  12. Wow horror , even scared dia macam sikit for u , for me rasanya dah melompat haha nice review

  13. tak koser tau nak tengok citer seram2 macam ni..macam minta nyawa jer hahahah..rajin Rawlins pegi tgk preview...apapun nice entry beb

  14. Best kan tengok cerita seram. Sis suka kalau penuh dengan kejutan..itu yang paling suka tu..hehehe. Nanti nak tengok jugaklah cite ni..nak tengok setakat mana keseraman dia. List2 cerita seram yang Rawlin bagi pun sis nak tengok gak..thanks ya kongsi info ni

  15. Kita kene translate tau nak paham kan entry ni..hahaha..tengok jalan cerita macam best, tapi cannot la nak tengok..huhu..tengok ramai2 boleh la kot..tengok gambor pun dah seram

  16. Alaaaa... Filem ni nampak best tapi saya tak tengok filem yang seram sebab takut

  17. baca macam seram. tengok gambar pun macam seram. tengok RATE by Rawlins, macam tak perlah..haha..nak tengok Venom la petang ni

  18. perhaps its suits for people who wanna see the storyline instead of getting scares... but watching with only tiny scare seems like no point watching scary movie without the shock.

  19. Kalau cerita hantu Ika takut sini hendak tengok. Mesti menjerit Ika dalam pawangam tu tapi kalau ada kawan teman boleh la Ika tengok heheh.


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