Tips Elak Peragut

Sila amalkan ye.
Mana tau berguna untuk anda jua.
Some of the moves might save your life.

Rawlins GLAM

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  1. Bagus tips ni. Memang kena hati hati di jalan. So scary nowadays.

  2. hahaha.. lawak betul video ni.. tergelak kuat TB .. hahahaha

  3. A very serious message but conveyed in a humorous way. All to make us bear in mind better, longer.

  4. This is funny! Thanks for sharing this useful tip & this serves as a good reminder to all of us.

  5. hahahaha.. serius kelakar!!

    but this message is serious uolls
    i dah pernah kena ragut, but peragut ragut fon i, i letak kat telinga masa tu..

    he got knife dan scratch my cheek.
    i blurr masa kena tu, while pipi berdarah..
    but balik rumah nangis tak henti2..sbb trauma..

    tobat i sampai skrg tkot tengok org naik moto dekat dengan i..

  6. I agree.. I was victim of mugging before and again a victim of snatch theft too.. it is better to let them have it then risk hurting yourself or dying to protect the little money you have in the bag... Huhuhu

  7. It's somehow sad to see such a signboard set up in our community, that's a sign that people are living in such insecure surroundings. Interesting clip anyway :)

  8. Some are very funny tips. Need to be careful.

  9. Pernah kena ragut dulu...fobia sampai sekarang


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