The Equalizer 2 [Movie Review]

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I remembered getting super excited when I watched The Equalizer in 2014. The kick-a*s fighting scenes ala The Matrix was superb. And I love it when he was timing his attack and knew exactly where, when and who to attack.
So, when The Equalizer 2 comes out, I am still as excited as I was back then.

The movie starts with Robert McCall travelling on a train to Istanbul. He was trying to retrieve the kidnapped daughter of the local bookstore owner and he succeeded. When he's back in his hometown, he drives around as a Lyft driver, encountering different types of people from different walks of life.
Man, your undie is showing and it is dirty too!
When a young guy requested for him to drop off an obviously sick and heavily assaulted girl, Robert's inner helpful-self immediately kicked in. After dropping off the girl at the nearby hospital, he went back to the apartment and beat off the group of young men for drugging and raping the girl. And then he asked for a 'Five-Star' rate on his Lyft service. Hehehe. 

Robert also helps Sam, an elderly who is looking for a painting of his sister. He also helps Miles, a young resident with an artistic but troubled background to repaint the wall of the vandalised courtyard of his apartment area.
You should shower more. I could smell your smelly dandruff from here.
His friend and former teammate, Susan, are called to investigate a murder scene in Brussels. And when she returns to her hotel, she was attacked by two young men and killed on site. 

Robert immediately investigates the case once he heard the news. His action brings danger to the people around him especially his neighbours, as he does not have anyone else around him who is close and related to him.
Tag! You're it!
This is one crazy and heavy crush to have the pictures of your crush glued all over the walls.
Will he be able to solve the case without jeopardizing the people around him?

Plot: 4.5/ 5.0. With so many people to safe around him, it was quite a feat to see him running around killing people who killed and harmed his friends.

Cast: 4.7/ 5.0. I love the cast. Denzel can do no wrong. And the bad guys are the right fit too! 

Will I watch it again: I will, online and not at the cinema. The sequel is not as great as I expected it to be. But that's just me.
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Say It Right With Flower Chimp

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One of my best memories is to receive a bouquet of flowers from my parents during my graduations. Each bouquet marked a new beginning in my life and I love the flowers to bits (until it withered).
Then I remembered going to Kajang's wet market to look for flowers and have them arranged by the florist for my business partners on their achievement's gala dinner. It was quite a hassle as I don't know which flower complement other flower and how to arrange them - so my flower arrangement was at the hands of the florist.

Once, I have literally stopped the florist in the midst of her arranging the bouquet and requested her to add in some other flowers and re-arrange the arrangement. She replied to me with this exact words 'You the expert or me?' to which I just let her be as she is the expert. Hahaha.

So now, when I am in doubt, or in trouble and I need the expert's opinion in what flowers to give, I will spend my time online - reading reviews on the best and most reliable florist in town (and also cheapest hahaha who doesn't value spending less). It gets harder when I need to send flowers to friends and family who live in other states, I have to start searching for the local florists and stalk the reviews. Then there will be calling to give instructions to the florist as to how I want the arrangement to be. This will also lead to lots of pictures-receiving from the florist (or video-call), showing the arrangement until I am satisfied.

I have always hit it right, after spending almost three-quarter of the day reading and choosing the right florist and the right arrangement. And I will be so exhausted after each feat that I need to have a vacation right after, just to reenergize myself. Hahaha.

But that is not the case anymore with Flower Chimp.
I was introduced to Flower Chimp by a friend, who also loves showering the people she loves with flowers, and she is also a flower-crazy person. 

Flower Chimp have just secured an investment of MYR 6 million from its investors including Asia Venture Group (AVG), a private company that sees the promising potential Flower Chimp offers through its unique business model and marketing strategies. Currently, Flower Chimp is operating in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. In the near future, the two ambitious entrepreneurs will launch their platform in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.

So, it happens that my mum and my youngest niece's birthdays are coming up (September 2018). Since I am in Selangor and they are in Sarawak, I will not be able to join them for the celebration. Instead, I want to surprise them with a bouquet from Flower Chimp.
The menu is super friendly 
In doubt? Go the Favorite Collections for ideas
Still clueless? Use Quick Flower Finder for suggestion according to occasion and budget
I love how easy it is to choose for gifts from the website. I just browse through the menu on the top of the website for whatever occasion that I want the gift for. Or, whenever I am in doubt, I will go straight to the Quick Flower Finder section or the Favorite Collections. I am so in love with the Quick Flower Finder as it helps you to decide the right flower for the occasion within your budget. 

So, I entered my budget for the birthday and here's some of the suggestion made by the 'florist'. Easy peasy! 
Occasion: Birthday | Budget: RM100 - 200
From there on, it was super breezy. I choose a Chocolate Joy bouquet and add on a Teddy Bear, which I know my niece will super love. And then I get to write some messages on the card for them. And if you are having a writer's block and do not know what to write, just head here for some ideas. 
I know that my mum and niece will surely enjoy this bouquet
I also get to choose the delivery date and time too!
 And to make it even much easier, there is a vast choice for payment mode too!  They have Maybank, CIMB, RHB and even Bank Islam listed on the payment methods. Yo! They also accept payment via 7 -Eleven, Mol Wallet and B-Card points too!
Savings with RAWLINS15 discount code
And on top of that, I get 15% discount using the code RAWLINS15!
Yeay! Super savings again!

Psst: You can use my code too, with no minimum purchase required. Hurry now.
OK Mum and Abby. Just wait for the bouquet to arrive soon.
Luckily Sibu is also in the list of the most popular locations for Flower Chimp delivery service.
I am one happy son and uncle that Flower Chimp delivers nationwide with free shipping and guaranteed same day delivery for orders placed before 1 pm! 
So, ladies and gentlemen, whenever you are in doubt or in trouble and looking for the right way to calm the troubled waters, just visit Flower Chimp and choose away! 
In fact, just choose away for no matter what the occasion is.
Flower Chimp @ Malaysia: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ Indonesia: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ the Philippines : Website | Facebook | Instagram
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The Meg [Movie Review]

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Every now and then, we will see our friends tag us on their social media about needing more 'Vitamin Sea'.
Me included.
Will you still go into the sea after watching this?
But, after watching The Meg, I think it will be some time before I go diving or swimming in the open sea again. You will see me snorkeling and staying very near to the shore, just in case.
The movie started with Jonas and his team trying to rescue a group of people in a submarine. Later, Jonas has to make a huge decision of leaving his trapped fellow divers inside the sub after seeing the hub of the sub being rammed by an unknown creature. His action of the sudden leave causes the sub to explode and him being accused by Dr Heller as affected by pressure-induced psychosis.

Five years after, his service was again needed by a group of scientist on 'Mana One', an underwater research facility. He was to save a group of explorers trapped in a deeper section of the Mariana Trench, concealed by a thermocline cloud of hydrogen sulfide. And Jonas's ex-wife is among the trapped member of the expedition.
Excuse me, sir. Are you the dentist? I need to use braces so that I could smile better.
We're gonna need a much larger net to catch this one
Dr Suyin went first into the trench in the rescue expedition and was followed by Jonas. Suyin's sub was suddenly wrapped by a giant squid, which later was killed by a monstrous shark. And that huge shark proved Jonas's story about a monstrous creature that caused the sub to explode 5 years back.

Managed to save 2 out of 3 members of the trapped scientists, Jonas was about to let out a huge breathe of relief when the crew confirmed that the huge shark is, in fact, a megalodon (the largest shark and believed to be extinct for millions of years) and now has escaped to the surface. 

The group decides to track and poison the megalodon - and they succeed in doing so. And as Jonas and Suyin inspect the size of the teeth of the megalodon, a colossal megalodon emerges from the water and sinks their ship in its bid to eat the first and very much smaller megalodon.
Wow! So much plankton for dinner. Open wide!
How will the group kill the colossal megalodon?

Plot: 4.6/ 5.0. The second meg was certainly a heart-thumping and very unexpected twist to the movie. And of course, we all could predict the end of the movie but the action throughout the movie certainly had me jumpy and cringe at the thought of diving in a very near future.

Cast: 4.6/ 5.0. Everyone performed their part well. And I would say that everyone shared the screen equally, up until the little Meiying. 

Will I watch it again: Guess what? I did watch it twice, and the second time being on a D-Box seat, just to enhance the thrill.
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All about Althea: Turns 3 & the Angels

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Althea Korea, Althea Angels, Rawlins GLAM, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, K-Beauty, Beauty Review by Rawlins, Althea Turns 3
Normally, when you are attending a 3-year old birthday party, you will see lots of parents chaperoning their lil' ones, bearing gifts of thousand colours and sizes.

But when you are the best and most trusted K-Beauty source, you'll celebrate differently.
Instead of getting presents, Althea Korea showers everyone with gifts - the best of K-Beauty has to offer.
Althea Korea, Althea Angels, Rawlins GLAM, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, K-Beauty, Beauty Review by Rawlins, Althea Turns 3

First, Althea Korea formed a squad of K-Beauty enthusiasts from all over the world and lovingly called them 'Althea Angels' (because we are magic and majestic like that). And moi is among the selected ones! Yeay!

Not soon after the formation of Althea Angels, the Angels received an Althea Angel Welcome Gift (in my case, I called it Althea Angel Welcome Box)  consisting of the exclusive and the latest inventions of Althea which is Althea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.

Working hand in hand with the experts from Get It Beauty, both beauty giants wanted to showcase real, fresh ingredients and incorporate them into a system that allowed a deep, clarifying cleanse while boosting the skin with nutrients and goodness. Thus, the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer was born!

The Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a 2-in-1 pack cleanser that draws out sebum, dirt and residue from the pores while dispensing an array of nutrients to the skin, leaving it fresh, supple and smooth. It comes in two versions: Rose (skin refining) and Green Tea (skin purifying) to suit your needs. 
Althea Korea, Althea Angels, Rawlins GLAM, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, K-Beauty, Beauty Review by Rawlins, Althea Turns 3
The Rose edition contains natural extracts from handpicked roses originating from Grasse, Southern France. These roses only bloom once a year in May, and deeply hydrate the skin. This formula also helps refine the skin, minimizing pores while soothing redness to calm irritations for a healthy, well-rounded complexion. It’s aesthetic looks also win points with a pink translucent gel that contains real petal pieces to gently exfoliate the skin.
Althea Korea, Althea Angels, Rawlins GLAM, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, K-Beauty, Beauty Review by Rawlins, Althea Turns 3
The Green Tea version hails from good ol’ Jeju island, using the extracts from young green tea leaves. They’re rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to help protect and brighten the skin. With real green tea leave pieces and finely grounded green tea powder, it also helps to purify and hydrate the skin, removing micro unwanted residue that could clog the pores.

  • Apply on a generous layer onto the skin and leave on for 10 seconds. 
  • Then, add a little water and massage in circular motions before rinsing off with water. 
  • You can use the Rose in the morning to revitalize and smoothen the skin in the morning,
  • Use the Green Tea to cleanse away any gunk that might be sticking to the skin during the night 

These gorgeous tubes don’t just look good and feel nice on the skin, they are also hypoallergenic (suitable for all skin types) and are cruelty-free, so no cute furry animals were harmed in the process of making these products.

That's it?

It wouldn't be a celebration if we Angels only received these two amazing 10-sec masks.
Here's a video of my unboxing the Althea Angels Welcome Box.

I will certainly share another post on the Althea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer.
In the meantime, here's another unboxing video of the box, just sharing my happiness with all of you.
As a part of a K-Beauty Squad of #AltheaAngels, I am showered and blessed with the most inventive, true-to-the-T, effective thus efficient, time-saving and latest-trend of K Beauty products. Gazillions TQs to @altheakorea for the #AltheaAngels Welcome Box - here is my take of unboxing the lovely gifts. There will be blogposts, youtube videos and IG posts on the items - coming up! So, stay tune and watch out for this space. Psst: Shopping at @altheakorea is the most exhilirating and care-free experience as one will be surprised at the vast choices and competitively-priced beauty items available here. And one don’t have to worry about the packages - the elves and pixies of @altheakorea always cover them with spells of love and care so that the gifts will arrive safe and sound. #AltheaKorea #AltheaAngels #BeautyReviewbyRawlins #RawlinsGLAM #byrawlins #byrawlinsdotcom
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Neat right?
Ever since day 1, Althea Korea has always packed their gifts with the greatest care to ensure that every single item of K-Beauty arrives safe and sound. Ever so thoughtful!

I will share with you soon what other K-Beauty products I bought on Althealand - just because I wanna win big. There is a trip to Korea with The Althea Hallyu Experience [The #AltheaTurns3 Contest] awaits.

Wanna know about it?
Go [here]
Althea Korea, Althea Angels, Rawlins GLAM, Real Fresh Skin Detoxer, K-Beauty, Beauty Review by Rawlins, Althea Turns 3
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GSC Launches Inaugural Vietnamese Film Festival

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The country’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) today launched the inaugural Vietnamese Film Festival (VFF) at GSC Pavilion KL. The week-long film festival will showcase five highly-acclaimed Vietnamese movies in five selected GSC locations in Peninsular Malaysia from 23 to 29 August 2018, in conjunction with the upcoming Vietnamese Independence Day on 2 September.

The launch event at GSC Pavilion KL was graced by Ms. Koh Mei Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Golden Screen Cinemas; Mr. Nguyen Anh Duc, Counsellor of the Republic of Vietnam; Ms. Dinh Thi Thanh Huong, Chief Executive Officer of Galaxy Media & Entertainment. Also present at the event were Mr. Irving Chee, General Manager; Mr. Heng Beng Fatt, Deputy General Manager; and Mr. Tung Yow Kong, General Manager of GSC Movies.

While Film Festivals at GSC are annually organised and championed by the foreign embassies in Malaysia as part of an effort to promote their respective countries and culture through film, VFF 2018 is a unique initiative, as it is wholly-organized by the GSC Group of Companies. The five films that are featured in the festival have been specially handpicked by GSC Movies, the GSC Group’s distribution arm, with the support of Galaxy Media & Entertainment in Vietnam and include many movies that have been produced by the latter.
“We see Film Festivals as an enabler in stimulating greater awareness of the arts and in bridging cultures through foreign language films. Owing to our strong partnership with Galaxy Media & Entertainment, we decided to collaborate with GSC Movies as a Group to host the VFF to further diversify the content that are available to Malaysian movie-goers. These five films are some of the most commercially-successful titles in Vietnam, and we believe they will appeal to our audiences as well, who will be able to equally relate to the values, lessons, and experiences of the characters within these stories,” said Ms. Koh Mei Lee.

GSC first ventured into Vietnam in 2013, when the company acquired a stake in Galaxy Studio Joint Stock Company (Galaxy Studio), an established film exhibitor and distributor. This opened doors for GSC to access a wide variety of Vietnamese movies. The positive growth and preference for Asian content, and the prevalence of Vietnamese culture in Malaysia, showcased the potential for distributing Vietnamese films in the country, thus encouraging GSC to embark on its own efforts to launch and host its first-ever Vietnamese Film Festival.
Set to be an eye-opener for those who have not seen or experienced Vietnam, whether in travel, culture, or food, this cinematic event caters to all groups of people, as it features a variety of genres including drama, comedy, romance, and much more. Screening exclusively at GSC Pavilion KL; GSC Mid Valley Megamall, GSC 1 Utama; GSC Paradigm JB and GSC Gurney Plaza Penang, these films will be a breath of fresh air from the usual Hollywood fare that Malaysians are accustomed to.

VFF 2018 is sponsored by AirAsia, Posh Nail Spa, and Super Saigon, while Cinema Online is the official media partner. These sponsorships enable customers who buy two tickets over the Box Office counters at participating GSC cinemas in the Klang Valley to redeem a 20% discount voucher to Posh Nail Spa, as well as RM10 vouchers for food & beverage at Super Saigon. Vouchers are limited and are only available while stocks last.

Additionally, customers who watch the films showing at VFF 2018 may join a contest called “Fly Me to Vietnam” when they purchase two movie tickets. Simply by answering two questions and completing a slogan in the most creative way, movie-goers can win a pair of AirAsia flight tickets to Nha Trang, Hanoi, and Saigon. Additionally, there are also many other awesome prizes to be won including movie tickets to Gold and Premiere Class!

Tickets are priced at only RM10 each and will go on sale from 21 August 2018, two days before the start of the festival. Movie-goers can purchase the tickets online via the GSC Website, Mobile App or via the Box Office counter and ticketing kiosk.

For more on the 2018 Vietnamese Film Festival, please visit or check out the hashtag #GSCVFF18. Stay tuned to GSC’s website or GSC’s Facebook page for more updates!

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Flower Chimp Secured MYR 6 Million Funding Following Success Across Southeast Asia

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florist, kedai bunga, Rawlins GLAM, Flower Chimp, the best florist delivery,  same day flower delivery, RM6 million Funding, the best in Southeast Asia, Flower Chimp Indonesia, Flower Chimp Philippines
“Say it with flowers!” 
Creating moments of love by sending flowers to your loved ones has gotten so much easier as the flower delivery industry booms with the growth of e-commerce worldwide. Imagine selecting your favourite bouquet and arranging for delivery as simple as a few clicks away.

From birthday bouquets to congratulatory flower stands, special messages on Valentine’s and Mothers’ Day, Flower Chimp caters to all your blooming needs from as low as MYR89. Ahead of its competitors, Flower Chimp offers a nationwide network which covers more than 80 districts across Malaysia, including in Sabah and Sarawak. Such wide coverage makes the platform the preferred online florist among consumers who enjoy further benefits with its free delivery on all orders at no minimum spend. Consumers can also arrange for the same day delivery for any orders made before 1 pm to surprise their loved ones.
florist, kedai bunga, Rawlins GLAM, Flower Chimp, the best florist delivery,  same day flower delivery, RM6 million Funding, the best in Southeast Asia, Flower Chimp Indonesia, Flower Chimp Philippines
Maximilian Lotz and Niklas Frassa
“Despite being a new player in the flower delivery business, Flower Chimp has grown into a household name in this industry. In less than two years, we became the No 1 choice in the online flower delivery service in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines recording five (5) times growth compared to last year,” said Maximilian Lotz, Founder of Flower Chimp.

Following its promising performance in the online florist service, Flower Chimp has recently secured an investment of MYR 6 million from its investors including Asia Venture Group (AVG), a private company that sees the promising potential Flower Chimp offers through its unique business model and marketing strategies. The same company has also invested in iMoney, Happy Fresh and iPrice.  “We aim to expand our reach to a new market in Singapore by the second half of August 2018, and other countries in Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong by 2019,” Lotz added.
florist, kedai bunga, Rawlins GLAM, Flower Chimp, the best florist delivery,  same day flower delivery, RM6 million Funding, the best in Southeast Asia, Flower Chimp Indonesia, Flower Chimp Philippines
Self-taught in the flower business, Lotz and partner/Chief Operating Officer, Niklas Frassa plan to utilize the funds received to strengthen their footprint in Indonesia and the Philippines and improve their technical infrastructure to offer better benefits to their customers with smart features including live order tracking. “At the same time, we conduct our market research to come up with new products and promotions regularly to entice our customers to return to find what they are looking for,” said Frassa.

Elaborating further, Frassa said, “With the power of online marketing and social media, we aim to enhance our branding and become the top-of-mind for our customers to look forward to as they become more tech-savvy every day. We are confident that in the next twelve (12) months; from Q4 2018 to Q4 2019Flower Chimp will grow three (3) times over with contributions from all four major markets namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines”.

Flower Chimp @ Malaysia: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ Indonesia: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Flower Chimp @ the Philippines : Website | Facebook | Instagram
florist, kedai bunga, Rawlins GLAM, Flower Chimp, the best florist delivery,  same day flower delivery, RM6 million Funding, the best in Southeast Asia, Flower Chimp Indonesia, Flower Chimp Philippines
Bloomy Days

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Start My Day With Min Kaffe

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Min Kaffe, Min Cha, Fazura, Kopi Garam Buluh, garam buluh, Hantu Kopi, Rawlins GLAM
I am just another #CoffeeLover.
But I am a choosy #CoffeeLover too.

Why am I choosy?
It is because I consume coffee daily - to be exact, every morning before I start my work.
And the ones that I always choose is #MinKaffe.

Here's why - because I crave for the goodness of Bamboo Salt inside.

And now, I get to drink my #MinKaffe or #MinCha with Min Kaffe cookies too!
Min Kaffe, Min Cha, Fazura, Kopi Garam Buluh, garam buluh, Hantu Kopi, Rawlins GLAM

Krimer Bukan Tenusu: Pengganti susu atau krimer ini terhasil daripada lemak sayuran dan mengandungi sirap glukos yang memberikan sedikit rasa manis kepada minuman anda. Ia bebas laktosa dan sesuai untuk mereka yang alah terhadap bahan tenusu. Krimer bukan tenusu mempunyai jangka hayat yang lebih lama di samping mampu menstabilkan rasa dan haba minuman.
Sirap GlukosSirap glukos terhasil daripada kanji menggunakan proses hidrolisis iaitu dengan cara menambahkan air ke dalam ramuan tersebut. Ia boleh terhasil menggunakan kanji dari sumber jagung, gandum, barli mahupun kentang. Selain bertindak sebagai pemanis semulajadi, ia juga berperanan sebagai bahan penebal bagi membentuk produk makanan. 
Lemak SayuranLemak sayuran mengandungi vitamin E dan co-enzim Q10 yang berperanan mengurangkan tahap kolestrol dalam badan di samping mencegah kanser. Lemak sayuran ini juga mampu melindungi arteri, membantu meremajakan kulit serta bertindak sebagai agen antioksidan bagi mencegah kerosakan sel. 
Protein SusuProtein susu mengandungi asid amino yang bertindak sebagai agen antioksidan di samping berupaya menguatkan sistem imunisasi bagi melindungi tubuh badan daripada jangkitan penyakit serta menggalakkan pertumbuhan dan pemulihan tisu tubuh. Malah, protein juga bertindak membina otot di dalam tubuh badan, menstabilkan struktur sel darah merah serta membantu mengawal paras gula di dalam darah. 
FosfatFosfat merupakan sejenis nutrien yang terhasil daripada asid fosforik. Ia bertindak sebagai penstabil pH di dalam produk ini. 
Bahan PengemulsiBahan pengemulsi yang diperoleh dari sumber yang suci dan selamat ini bertindak melarutkan kandungan di dalam produk ini bagi menggalakkan keberkesanannya. 
Bahan Anti GumpalBahan ini bertindak untuk mencegah penggumpalan isi kandungan produk ini. 
Bahan PewarnaBahan pewarna yang dibenarkan digunakan bagi menyerlahkan warna isi kandungan produk. 
KopiKopi tinggi kandungan antioksidan, vitamin B-kompleks, potassium, mangan, magnesium serta niacin yang berupaya menyingkirkan toksin dari tubuh badan, meningkatkan tahap tenaga dan kecergasan tubuh badan di samping membantu menggalakkan fungsi otak seterusnya meningkatkan daya tumpuan dan memori. Kopi juga mampu meredakan tekanan, meningkatkan tahap metabolisme di samping membantu mengurangkan risiko serangan diabetes, strok dan kanser. 
MaltodextrinSebatian yang dihasilkan daripada kanji ini terdiri daripada molekul glukosa yang berupaya membantu membekalkan karbohidrat dan tenaga kepada tubuh bahan dan mengawal paras gula dalam darah sekaligus membantu mengurangkan risiko penyakit diabetes. 
Garam BuluhGaram buluh merupakan inovasi dari Korea dan dihasilkan dengan dengan memasukkan garam ke dalam bekas buluh seterusnya dibakar berulang-ulang kali untuk tempoh yang lama. Kaedah pembakaran berulang ini akan meningkatkan penyerapan garam mineral dari buluh dan tanah liat yang menjadi penutup bekas buluh ke dalam garam laut yang dibakar. Di samping bertindak memelihara sistem saraf, garam buluh kaya dengan kandungan magnesium ini juga mampu melancarkan peredaran darah, menyingkirkan toksin, menstabilkan tekanan darah, memelihara jantung, mengawal kadar gula di dalam darah serta menstabilkan tahap pH di dalam tubuh badan anda. Malah, ia juga berupaya mengatasi masalah kelesuan, radang, ketegangan otot serta membantu mengurangkan kesakitan yang dialami. 
KokoKoko kaya dengan khasiat dari sumber kalsium, Vitamin A dan karbohidrat serta tinggi kandungan antioksidan yang berperanan meneutralkan kesan radikal bebas, membantu mengurangkan risiko penyakit kardiovaskular, menggalakkan pertumbuhan semula sel, memelihara kesihatan kulit, rambut, tulang, gigi dan penglihatan di samping membekalkan tenaga kepada tubuh badan, sistem saraf dan bahagian otak seterusnya menjana kecergasan dan kecerdasan minda. 
AspartameAspartame merupakan pemanis tiruan yang rendah kandungan kalori serta bertindak sebagai pengganti gula.
And in the afternoon, I will take my #MinCha like a Celebri-Tea - just like Miss Fazura.
So, how do you start your day?

Rawlins GLAM

The Best 2018 Movies (So Far)

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2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League, Commuter
It's almost August and I just think I just share about the top 10 movies in my list (so far).
Some movies might have been released at the end of 2017 but only aired in Malaysia on 2018, so I considered them at 2018's movie.

These are all the movies that I have watched and again, I would like to remind all of you - these are the Rawlins GLAM's Top 10 Movies in 2018 (So Far).
2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Avengers Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League, Commuter
10. Game Night
Stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams where a game night turns into a crime, without the players realising it until the very last minute. The movie was funny and there are a few twists in the plot that keeps you thinking 'which is which?'
2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League
9. The Incredibles 2
Left hanging 14 years ago when The Incredibles was released, this sequel was the most anticipated movie, for me. I just want to know what will happen to Jack Jack and how will his powers manifest. After watching it, I was a bit let down as I was expecting more - more characters, more actions and more powers. 

8. The Commuter
Who would have thought your daily routine riding the commuter will turn out to be the most exhilarating and mind-boggling ride ever? Liam Neeson, for one, didn't see it coming, for sure.

7. Justice League
If only the movie was longer, I will be more satisfied but I know it is hard to combine 5 great heroes into a two-hour movie. This one is basically a tease of more to come. 

6. Skyscraper
Call me bias but I think that Dwayne Johnson could do no wrong when it comes to movie choices. It was just simply amazing - a veteran with an amputated leg saving his family in the world's most tt building - the action was amazing.
2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League
5. Avengers: Infinity War
Again, you can call me bias as I am a superhero movie lover. And this huge production can do no hero any justice as I think the movie might as well runs for 4 hours and I will still be there, wanting more actions from all the characters. Hurry up and bring the sequel, please! 

4. A Quite Place
Oh man. This movie made me curses throughout the movie. And I have to curse in silent mode as the whole hall was so silent, even a sound of popcorn munching feels like a sin. 
2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League
3. The Greatest Showman
I just love this one - the musical and the performance was fabulous. I don't care whether it is true or not - I love the songs and the acting! Superb! Encore! I watched it 5 times already!

2. Ant-Man and the Wasp
Heroes come in all sizes - these mini ones are adorable. How will he get out from the micro-world, I just can't wait to find out.

1. Black Panther
So far, Black Panther is my number one movie - the language, the action and the plot are simply superb. And then he dies in Infinity War! Why!!!!
2018 Top 10 Movies, Rawlins GLAM, Movie Review by Rawlins, Black Panther, The Incredibles 2, Game Night, Skyscaper, Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp, The Greatest Showman, A Quiet Place, Justice League
Those are my Top 10 movies of 2018. Did I mention any of your favourite up there?
Share yours here too ok.
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