Dear Hanis Haizi,

8:29 AM

I love your blog 
because of the dreams that you have dreamt and made true. If you could do it, so could I.

The Motivation Page really inspires me and in my time of doubt, this is the page that I will turn to and seek strength from, apart from asking to Allah swt.

All your success motivates me to work harder and smarter too
Your success reflects all the hardwork you have endured through the journey and I know that you would never let me go through the same hardship.

Allah swt will always be the guidance in my life
But your stories, tears and laughter through out the journey, will always be the beacon that lights up the way to fabulousness and rewarding life

Please, please let me have the 
surprise gift you mentioned (here)

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E-mail :
Mobile : 012-2801977

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